Gantry Hoist Equipment: Functionality & Pricing

Manufacturing industry professionals provide a wide array of overhead and gantry hoists crafted specifically for particular segments (building, cargo storing, railway industry, etc.). And if the majority of bridge crane assemblies are performed in confined spaces, the gantry installation is reasonable to be used for the work carried out in the open areas. The difference between the gantry and bridge structures is obvious, especially when it comes to mobility. If you are installing the bearing type of crane then quickly moving it to another place is not so easy and it is possible only with the participation of major teams of specialists. Gantry mechanism, in contrast, can be easily moved from place to place and at the same time fairly quickly.

The construction of modern industrial facilities almost necessarily entails the use of lifting equipment. With the industries booming today there are many varieties of cranes, so their choice should be made taking into account the large number of variables. Gantry hoist is one of the most popular types of products offered nowadays in the UK. In the current situation this type of lifting equipment has been used successfully in terms of storage space, the construction of vessels, as well as for the construction of prefabricated buildings of various types. Like any other lifting equipment, gantry crane has a number of design features. Granada Material Handling is one of the most successful UK businesses producing overhead cranes and gantry hoist stations – the company has been on the market for 12 years, now partnering with the giants of the industry – Bentley, Airbus and a good number of world class players (the company is involved in a variety of industries, and can be fairly referred to as a corporation class business).

The pricing model

The cost of the equipment depends on the gantry crane’s individual operational characteristics. In particular, GMH offers lifting equipment of capacity up to 500 tons and a maximum lifting height of 32 m. Mounting technology involves equipping the control panel, allowing human interaction with such devices as simple as possible. Gantry hoists by GMH have managed to gain stunning reputation due to high performance and a decent price-value ratio. If necessary, the company provides an opportunity of producing the equipment according with individual design as well as assistance with installation of gantry crane in accordance with the requirements of the customer. In addition, the price is determined by the type of lifting gear control room design. For storage lifting mechanism with a fixed position is preferred, while other operating conditions more relevant mobile cabin or radio control.

The installation drudgery sorted out

Despite the non-complex structure of the gantry hoists, as any equipment it demands regular maintenance. Virtually any seasoned manufacturer, and GMH Company is a no exception, carries out installation and repairing of gantry cranes of all types, regardless of the design and manufacturer. Repairing of lifting equipment is carried out using high-quality components and advanced equipment.