How gear pump works?

As the name suggests gear pumps have interconnecting gears which create positive displacement of fluids passing through it. The gear pumps are used in several industries. Due to their ability to pump highly dense fluids these are used in several industries. Positive displacement is another factor that is associated with it also known as fixed displacement. Positive displacement also refers to the fact that they can pump a designated amount of fluid for each run. Mostly these devices are used in chemical firms and cement factories as both deals with highly dense fluids passing through centrifuge pipes. However some fluids are so dense that they cannot be handled by centrifuge pipes. Gear pumps are therefore used to ease the working of these pipes. Increased productivity and cost reduction are other factors which are associated with these devices. Another advantage of this kind of pump is that it can be used separately as a motor as well. The pump base use of this device is also applied in various industries.

Working of gear pumps

There are different mechanics which are used by gear pump manufacturers. The two most important types are internal and external gear pumps. However the working remains the same. The pump is installed for intake and discharging of fluid. When the fluid enters the pump the rotating gears make sure that fluid is separated and then taken to the other i.e. discharges side of the pump. The clearances of the pump are very tight and therefore they prevent the backward flow of the fluid. The rotating gears and the discharge mechanics of gear pumps make sure that highly dense fluids pass through these devices. It also maintains the speed.

Some precautions

Gear pumps are being manufactured by a number of businesses especially in China. They can lead to business cost reduction and durability of the right choice is made. It is therefore advised to read the customer views before making a purchase from any manufacturer to save both time and effort.

Uses of gear pumps

There are several uses of gear pumps which not only show their importance but also the reliability which is associated with them. Some important uses of gear pumps are as follows:

  • As high pressure and density are handled by gear pumps so the oil industry comes first to apply this mechanic. Crude oil and lube oils are the ones which are extracted and transferred with the help of this pump.
  • Highly dense chemicals such as silicate, acids and plastics are also transferred with this pump which ultimately leads to awesome results. Less effort is required and therefore there is no need of any additional mechanic installation.
  • In paper industry this pump is used to transport lime, latex and sludge. As the paper is in pulp form and highly dense so no other mechanic could be used other than gear pumps.
  • In food industry there are many dense items such as raw cocoa paste and chocolate. These are also transferred by these pumps for efficient and effective results.