How to Torrent Safely – precautions to take

Many countries in the world had made it illegal to download files using torrents. Your internet service provider issues a warning whenever you are trying to access something using torrents. The need to safely access the information you want without the fear of surveillance have led to many services which claim to guarantee online privacy and anonymity. But are they foolproof?

It is better to use some form of encryption, but your task does not end there. There are other practices you need to adopt if you want to use torrents safely. Read on to know how you can use torrents with the peace of your mind.

Choose the Best VPN Service

Now this is a must. Many people advocate using proxies to ensure anonymity, but they are not as efficient as a reliable VPN service.

Your goal is to go for a provider which allows you to use torrents through their VPN network. They are equipped with dedicated servers which are used for the purpose of Bit torrents only.

The best VPN providers are those who do not even maintain a log of your connection. VPN changes your IP address and traffic taking you beyond any detection or snooping. You can know in-depth about VPN service features at AntaNET website and learn about the best practices of using the technology to protect yourself on the internet.

Check the Seeders

A high number of seeders do not only mean high downloading speeds; they indicate a lot more. Firstly you are assured that many people are downloading the specific file and it is safe and free from virus or malware. It also means that it is easy to download and it may not be under surveillance from any agency.

So always go for torrents which have a considerable number of seeders.

Eliminate Bandwidth Limitations of your ISP

Most ISPs are known to limit the bandwidth of their users when it reaches high levels. They are constantly monitoring your behavior and the spike in bandwidth tells them when you are downloading a file or watching a movie online.

To avoid this limiting of bandwidth by your ISP, the best way is to route your connecting through a VPN network. The restrictions will be eliminated and you will be able to torrent at the normal speed.

Protect your Torrent Searches

You are not safe just by protecting your torrent downloads; you also have to cover up your torrent searches. Professional VPN services act as a standalone tool to encrypt and protect all your internet activities, but not all providers offer this.

So you must encrypt your traffic to the torrent indexes either through VPN or proxy and download torrents anonymously.

Have an Antivirus in Place

Torrents can contain malware, spyware or virus in them which can be introduced into your computer once you download the torrent file. So to save your device from being infected, it is best to use a reliable antivirus which keeps you safe from the threats of hackers and cyber criminals.

To torrent safely you need to undertake a few tasks. They may take a bit of time, but it is really crucial for your safety and privacy.